Situated 2 kilometers south of Safashahr in the center of Khorrambid, the village has a mild climate in spring and summer and cold in autumn and winter.
In the north of the village of Qasr Ya’qub, Qasr Ya’qub Mountain is 2,800 meters high and has beautiful landscapes that are ideal for hiking enthusiasts.
At the foot of the mountain is the Sassanid cemetery, known as the Gibran cemetery, and according to some Achaemenid scholars, it is believed to be between 5 and 6 BC.
Also remnants of two fortresses from the Seljuk and Qajar era, Imamzadeh Martyrs, Sultan Abraham’s descendants of Imam Sajjad (AS) are other monuments located in this village.
The village of Qasr Ya’qub is mostly a tribal settlement dating back more than a century, but the precious historical monuments around it have an older history than the present village, and the area where the village was located was one of the earliest. Abad areas were Fars region.
Abundant water and high quality soil are considered to be the main factors in the formation of this village and agriculture and horticulture.
The main occupations of the people are livestock in the village, and some of its people are engaged in handicrafts.
Qasr Yaghoub River is the only river in the village that supplies water to the gardens of this village along with many springs.

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